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On a good day Tami is female child, Deviant, 36 years young, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

It's important what i think



Interview Questions

What are your favourite songs/videos of 2014

About the money - T.I. and Young Thug
Stay High - Tove Lo (Habits remix)
Chandelier - Sia
Rocket - Beyonce
Afraid - The Neighbourhood
Rude - MAGIC

What is the colour of love?

Grey, i think.

Sadly 1 errors occured that you need to fix
%u2022Is that all you can say; Grey, i think.? are your fingers tired? Well you are going to have to type some more.

No i do not.

What are your favourite songs of 2013?

Body Party - Ciara
Adorn - Miguel
Bound 2 - Kanye West
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Dive - Usher
Give it 2 u - Robin Thicke ft Kendrick Lamar
Power it up - Rihanna
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Should i go on?

I went to the doctor, guess what he told me?

You are severely under weight for your height and age?

Do you care about anything? what?

Yes. My family and friends.

How have smartphones increased your productivity?

You mean Idleness. I'm always on facebook and twitter and as soon as someone makes a comment i can follow up with a smart alek come back.

Logbook » The New 'Goal' Diggers

written by Tami, 2015-Nov-20

Are the days where people actually marry because they are in love really gone? It’s not in totality, but it definitely is on it's way out. The 21st century men are now more picky in choosing a partner for life, seeing that finances play a pivotal role and is the number one killer of relationships and marriages.

His life partner has to have a job or be carrying in some form of income into the union. Gone are the days, when a man took a wife and promised her family to take care of her. In the olden days, the woman would be responsible for the home and kids, while the man was the sole bread winner. Now, things have changed tremendously as both partners have to take home the bread.

Evidence of this so called ‘new age’ type of union is evident, even in pop culture and notable in a popular song titled ‘I don’t mind’ by Usher featuring Juicy J. In the song, Usher states that even if she’s ‘dancing on the pole’ as long as she’s making her money, he won’t mind. Note, Usher is a Grammy award winning singer and song writer. He has sold out many concerts and it would seem that money would not be an issue when it comes to him. Yet, he's the one that has taken on the responsibility of showing men that hey, its ok that even though she doesnt makes her bread conventionally, the fact is that shes contributing to paying the bills.

Three (3) attributes that the 21st century man looks for in a woman he chooses to make a wife.

1. She must be independent – Some men no longer want their women to be totally dependent on them financially. Her independence (as long as she’s not making more money than him) is vital for the longevity of the relationship. Plain and straight, she must have a job.

2. She must be ambitious – Even if she doesn't have the regular 9 - 5 She should have initiative and ambition to want to better herself. Even if it's a hustle, like stripping according to Usher, he wont mind as long as you can help pay the light bill.

3. She must be coming into the union with some form of asset like a house or car or well off family which can help out when times get hard and not her two long hand. The 21st century man is more quick to marry a woman who already has her own stuff or whose family has a business and some links in the business world which he can somehow benefit from. There has to be something that he should be benefiting from the relationship. He is looking for someone who can 'help him out' as well.

While sex is still the most important thing to men; these days, women have to bring more to the table than just sex and a hot body. The value of sex has fallen so drastically, that little importance is placed on actual relationships. Men don't need to wife or wine and dine a girl following the 90 day rule to have sex. Instead, if and when he's ready to settle, his partner has to be exceptional and it doesn't hurt if she has a little change in the bank.

So, to the 21st century man, go forth and prosper. Love is secondary, right?

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owen commented: You'll never know what someone wants and there are limitless possibilities. You can only be one person at a time. ... read 2 more

Food and Eats » Crabbit Thursdays at Carlos Cafe - Belmont Road

written by Tami, 2011-Jul-13

I recently attended the weekly "Crabbit" event at Carlos Cafe on Belmont Road, New Kingston. The charge is about $850+GCT and you eat all the crabs with Garlic Bread that you can.

There was a variety of specially prepared cook crabs to choose from such as Garlic Crabs, Peppered Crabs, Oyster and Ginger Crab and Curry Crab.

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owen commented: I thought you hated crabs? ... read 4 more

Food and Eats » Fruit Salad

written by Tami, 2011-Mar-1

I get this salad personalized for $200.00

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Pimp Juice » Pink Ting

written by Tami, 2011-Mar-1

It's like a pink Dolphin, people rarely see it.

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Into the Blue » JPS Windfarm

written by Tami, 2010-Dec-2


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Tami commented: Owen: Thanks it was a lovely day. This is located in deep rural St. Elizabeth. I walked up and snapped it. GC: Unsure, one next to this one was spinning and it was quiet. ... read 2 more

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  1. Tami is an emotional basket case. Shes taller than average and has boobs but don't let that fool you, she isn't what she seems to be.

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  2. Lies, all lies.

    by Tami 2008-Jan-9 

  3. mhmmmm boobs.. mhmmmmmm [friendly]

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