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On a good day owen is male child, fireman, coder, bohemian, photographer, writer, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

new year, new picture

Old man in high contrast black and white


I solve software problems using php and mysql,sqlserver,oracle and little pieces of paper. I do alot of custom programming jobs and projects.
Contact me by email; owensoft(ta)gmail




Ducking in Jamaica

Ducking in Jamaica

Ducking in Ochi Rios

Ducking in Ochi Rios

Wetlands of Belize

Wetlands of Belize

River Bay Barbados

River Bay Barbados

Interview Questions

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2021?


Ame Bibabi - Chin up High

Jungle - Busy Earnin (every song in this movie)

Jungle - Casio

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2020?


What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2019?

Video Game Music;
Return of the Obra Dinn Soundtrack

F Zero - Big Blue Cover

Krab Bop Channel

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2018?

Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated & Valleyz - Pine & Ginger

Florence + The Machine - Big God

What Are Your favorite Songs/Videos Of 2017?

Lila Ike - Biggest Fan

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  1. Owen you mature into a handsome young man you were such a ugly likkle bwoy

    by geesquare01 2008-Aug-29 

  2. Random hail up! I just love marking up profiles! Still loving the site...
    Keep it up!

    Oh n could you tell me how to get photos off my profile! I'm liking the one I have up less and less with each view.

    by Ayo 2012-Nov-25 

  3. Hail! Thanx! :) Upload a photo of your own to one of my photo projects!

    When you are editing your profile there is a link called "manage photos" right about the place where you upload your profile picture.

    by owen 2012-Nov-26 

  4. Hoorah I changed it thankx..

    Oki will do . runs off to dig up an old memory :)

    by Ayo 2012-Nov-29 

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