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I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

It's important what i think



Interview Questions

What if you are creating the disaster within yourself?

Is this a statement or a question? I don't understand what you are trying to say or ask here. Please elaborate.

Are you doing better than your parents when they were your age?

Quite difficult to measure. At my age they were married, owned a house, car, kids and lots of problems. I'm not married, don't own a house, car or kids and my problems all have solutions.

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2019?

2019 I'd say was somewhat a disappointment musically. Either that or I'm getting too old and my taste in music is just not changing with the times. Anyhow, I listened to these songs in 2019 and they are yet to be retired from my current playlist.
Bazzi - Paradise
Billie Ellish - Wish you were gay
Why don't we & Macklemore - I dont belong in this club
Taylor Swift - You need to calm down
Cardi B - I like it like that
Jordan Rakei - Nerve
Nas - Everything
Ab-soul - Bloody waters
Stylo G - Stuntin
Koffee - Rapture
H.E.R - Hard Place
Sabrina Claudio - Truth is
Halsey - Without me
Noname - Diddy bop
Tierra Whack - Unemployed
Phony ppl - why I love the moon
Justine Skye - Build
and the list goes on

What are your favourite songs/videos of 2014

About the money - T.I. and Young Thug
Stay High - Tove Lo (Habits remix)
Chandelier - Sia
Rocket - Beyonce
Afraid - The Neighbourhood
Rude - MAGIC

What is the colour of love?

Grey, i think.

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%u2022Is that all you can say; Grey, i think.? are your fingers tired? Well you are going to have to type some more.

No i do not.

What are your favourite songs of 2013?

Body Party - Ciara
Adorn - Miguel
Bound 2 - Kanye West
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Dive - Usher
Give it 2 u - Robin Thicke ft Kendrick Lamar
Power it up - Rihanna
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Should i go on?

Have you ever regretted giving up on a girl/guy you loved?


written by Tami on 2007-Apr-17, Answer this question22

Gods Child answered: nope. maybe I have a hard heart. ... read 21 more

Is it common that people pee in the shower when they go to take a bath?

Doing a research

written by Tami on 2006-Dec-19, Answer this question38

twovthree answered: Those who say no or that they don't are either lying or aren't human... ... read 37 more

Do you think a revolution is near?

Thinking about the world

written by Tami on 2006-Nov-02, Answer this question6

Simplenigma answered: It already dey ya...the world is always inna revolution. It's just not here (as in physically in our location) rite now ... read 5 more

The shadow project » Shades

written by Tami, published 2006-Oct-19, comment

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Flipping the bird and taking a punch for it

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taylor commented: yeh you be leaving with a fat lip :) ... read more

I need a new file share system to download mp3 files any suggestions?

umm i wanna know

written by Tami on 2004-Jan-20, Answer this question20

shade answered: burn files onto a cd. drive to friend's house. swap cds ... read 19 more

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  1. Tami is an emotional basket case. Shes taller than average and has boobs but don't let that fool you, she isn't what she seems to be.

    by owen 2007-Nov-03 

  2. Lies, all lies.

    by Tami 2008-Jan-09 

  3. mhmmmm boobs.. mhmmmmmm [friendly]

    by taylor 2008-Feb-17 

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