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On a good day sllbidr is in a relationship, male child, Customer Service, hangs around a place called "united states".



Fuck head


Farm to table, meritocracy, concision

Interview Questions

How does pollution affect the management of a port?

I used to live Oakland. The air is so bad there by the coast. Like eyes and throat burning bad. But we need those shipping containers, right? Switching to port power supposedly makes the difference. Why they don't do it? Because Wall Street runs those ships, and Wall Street doesn't breathe that air. I marched and shut down the port in solidarity with the truckers union. Did it make a difference?

How have smartphones increased your productivity?

Writing business emails while in line for Preservation Hall.

What is the colour of love?

My high school girlfriend loved ricky martin music. We loved each other. She broke my heart.

Do you care about anything? what?

A good cup of coffee and fresh air and pastries

What does the fox say?

Yiff Yiff? Serious?

I went to the doctor, guess what he told me?

You're two tents.

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