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The WiiBrew Wiki says that your Starfield Demo is licensed with the GPL. The source code download is available but does not include a copy of the GPL. Some of your projects might use the code from your Starfield project (Newo Shooter.) It is not actually licensed with the GPL as long as you don't include the copy of the GPL.
Anonymous ( Is Starfield GPL? )

Owen, Your site is pretty interesting and original, but you should have someone do a spell check before you upload. Good Luck!
Cherry ( Kingston )

Just giving a holla. Its been a while since i visited ur site.
MiTcHiE ( Kgn Jamaica )

another guestbook signed...
matthew ( UK )

Hey Owen, I like the newish design.
Faith ( Detroit burbs )

Greetings, long time internet friend. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year.
Vegard ( Happy new year! )

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