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Really cool stuff. I like the pictures and the info about Jamaica is very interesting.
Tina ( Very Interesting )

Some how i think you are the only one capable of figuring out my name "hecklefind". Me i am from outerspace and i am sure we crossed path once somewhere near the outer rims. You are from deep deep space.... hope to get there myself one day.
Bobby ( Portmore )

Always find your site refreshing and Im never less that disappointed on the rare occasion that I come by and not see any new posts.
I and I ( Kingston, Jamaica )

What's this for?

This is like the second website I've seen with a guestbook
Who am I ( What is this )

hey very interesting stuffs here, luv ur photo too . keep up the good work!
adia ( thailand )

Owen, you constantly amaze me with your site redesigns. :)
Taran ( San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago )

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