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Is Starfield GPL?

written by Anonymous, published 2023-Sep-03, comment

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The WiiBrew Wiki says that your Starfield Demo is licensed with the GPL. The source code download is available but does not include a copy of the GPL. Some of your projects might use the code from your Starfield project (Newo Shooter.) It is not actually licensed with the GPL as long as you don't include the copy of the GPL.

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What is this

written by Who am I, published 2022-Jan-24, comment

What's this for?

This is like the second website I've seen with a guestbook

My late kitty

My late kitty

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Happy new year!

written by Vegard, published 2020-Dec-31, comment

Greetings, long time internet friend. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year.

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Very Interesting

written by Tina, published 2020-Jan-15, comment

Really cool stuff. I like the pictures and the info about Jamaica is very interesting.


You’ve had a website for basically as long as I’ve lived!

written by G, published 2019-Oct-30, comment

That’s crazy!

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