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Food and Eats » Chocolate Donut

written by Tami, published 2010-Oct-27, comment

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I'm not impressed.

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owen commented: no way that could taste good [shocked] ... read 1 more

Food and Eats » Lunch at Breezes

written by Tami, published 2010-Sep-06, comment

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Jerked Chicken Sandwich with chicken gravy, lettuce, tomatoes and side of unsalted French Fries.

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Tami commented: But then you wouldnt see what the inside looks like. It was hella big. I had eaten most of the fries since hungry was killing me after a swim. It was worth the wait. You need a large enough mouth to bite it tho. ... read 4 more

Food and Eats » Italian eats

written by Tami, published 2010-Aug-29, comment

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Pasta with spicy Jerk Chicken

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owen commented: that don't look like full belly at all. how much it cost? ... read 1 more

Logbook » Can't please everyone

written by Tami, published 2010-Mar-28, comment

You'll be damned if you do, damned if you don't! Who to please? When to please? How to please? We can't please everyone but sometimes you just have to take what you get.

The heat is on, i think it's about 90 degrees outside and inside the un-AC-ed building the temperature is even higher since the electricity went. You can smell everything minus the AC at the office; people's breathe, the secretary's sweaty underarm, that girls' stocking eww, this is probably her third time wearing it without washing it.

Every few months this shit happens, especially around summer time. The electricity goes out then the Air Conditioning breaks down, then low voltage, then someone farts and you walk into it at the printer! Gross!

It's 2 pm in the afternoon, a time when niggaritis hits after consuming the over night food we all had for lunch, 4 out of 6 people are yawning, the other 2 are partially asleep at their desks, but from a distance they still manage to look busy.

I need to go home from this heat, maybe I should talk to the boss.

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Gods Child commented: you got to please yourself ... read 2 more

What's the one thing you've always wanted to say or tell someone, but couldn't find the courage to before?

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See now this is a

written by Tami on 2010-Feb-10, Answer this question4

marqthompson answered: i still love my x-gf ... read 3 more