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written by owen on 2006-May-21.

There comes a point when you find the perfect car. A car so perfect you want to conceive babies with it. I had that experience last week. The stuff they talk about in silly american movies/books about love and pre-marital sex over looking a valley, late at night. She smiled at me on the subway. She was bueatiful, shiny, clean like aluminum foil before you touch it - silver. They must have just washed it. It had 93000 miles/km like a cup you find in the sink at a hospital - used but not more than usual. Only a 2 knobs were missing but nobody is perfect especially if you met her at church on a special sunday. Not just any special sunday, a special sunday when it rains. Rain is good.

In the end our Love was not meant to be. No, I know what you thinking, but she totally wanted Afternoon Delight. It just that her owner's resident pimp sold her to the first drug dealer that came with the cash, after I had repeatedly stated that my car loan would come through in less than 2 weeks. My heart was broken as the words came forth from the veil monkey's mouth. "BUSINESS IS BUSINESS" he said as he ripped my vital organs from my chest and laughed - like a monkey. A rabid monkey. A monkey so rabid that I can't even find a word to describe the extent of rabidity which he was established. I should not have gotten my hopes up. I should have suspected that the world would not care about a love which had quickly grown between us.

If another person says something similar or even sounds like "that car was not meant for you". I will personally choose to hate you with the fire of a thousand suns. People only say that to make you feel better about something while laughing at your misfortune and eating all of your french fries. French fries that you had tenaciously hidden from them. I guess it would not have hurt so much, so deeply if I had not seen her, touched her wonderful plastic and sheet metal exterior sheet metal, rims and mid spoiler. 1300 cc. They said it was a bitch car but it would have been my bitch car. MY BITCH CAR! :(

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  1. wow Owen. You are really unlucky. Try not to fall in love so quickly. Then you won't get hurt.

    by Gods Child 2006-May-21 

  2. So what kind of car was it, Owen? No pictures?

    by mad bull 2006-May-22 

  3. i'm so sorry, *hugs*

    by OddOne 2006-May-23 

  4. silver 99 honda civic. Singing my life with her words.

    by owen 2006-May-23 

  5. But Owen, you should be able to find another one like that one, easily! They are numberless, like the sands by the sea... and trust me, once you've had one, you've basically had them all! The new one that you find will make you feel the same! She too can give you the wickedest ride, the real ghetto slam! They all know the same moves, almost like they were built from the same stamp, and as though their DNA contained the same genetic code! Cheer up, star! You will love again!

    by mad bull 2006-May-23 

  6. some how I am not comforted by your statement. good girls always go with bad guys who don't have to get car loans. I might have to buy a hyundai. I could get a 4 door easily but I don't want one.

    by owen 2006-May-23 

  7. Like a hand in a glove huh? nice.

    by Brooklyn Babe 2006-May-24 

  8. owen love the quote - like a monkey. A rabid monkey. A monkey so rabid that I can't even find a word to describe the extent of rabidity which he was established. it was beautiful and with time you will heal there are other cers in the parking lot.

    by jane22 2006-Jun-15