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written by owen on 2006-Apr-16.

I have not been to the bank in weeks. Not since the day I tried to close out my fixed deposit account. The receptionist asked me why - I said bad customer service - it was the first thing that came to mind. She told me I had to wait until the account matures at end of the month - some memo she had gotten recently from the people "behind the tinted glass". I bet the memo was sent yesterday. I was not in the mood to argue and I left my weapon of choice at home. She then proceded to notify me that there is a hundred thousand dollar limit on withdrawals. She even had the nerve to suggest that if I really wanted the money now I could take out a loan at 11% - A FREAKING LOAN FOR MY OWN MONEY!!

She was unmarried. I should have flirted with her but I was not there for that. I was concentrating on something else. I get like that from time to time - well very often - focused like a robot. I had no choice I just left. When I was twelve I went to new york and I fell in love with this girl I met in church that summer. The kind of love that you only dream about when your 12 and before you were influenced by the likes of america cable television and girls gone wild. She had hair extensions. I have always wondered if I thought she was cute because of the extensions and if so am I really that shallow. Would I have hated her otherwise? Now I just avoid women with hair extensions, monkeys and STDs.

Sometimes the world is all flat and you realized that you have done nothing all weekend. I have a test or two this week and I have only made it through three or four pages of five or six weeks of school. In the last seven or eight days of study I have done nothing at all but sleep and eat cornbread. Oh sweet cornbread. I used to grow corn when I lived in the country. Its quite easy to grow, not as fickle as other produce and is pretty much hurricane resistant.

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  1. A loan at 11% to take out your own money! What
    the phuck? Some of these banks have a nerve.

    by charles 2006-Apr-16 

  2. why were you REALLY trying to close the account?

    by Gods Child 2006-Apr-17 

  3. Ok, sounds like you're a bit down in the dumps. My yute, try you best to study. If you find that you really can't perhaps you need to take some time off.
    Re the bank thing, what kind of account did you have the money in? That sounds like crap to me?

    by Mad Bull 2006-Apr-17 

  4. Fixed deposit account. can't with draw from them. So closing it is the only way to get the money out. I have always wanted to be that disgruntled customers who jumps ship.

    by owen 2006-Apr-17 

  5. It's a known fact that there are penalties for withdrawing from your fixed account before the maturity date if you can draw it at all. So you use money that you won't be using any time soon for these investments. Remember the bank done spend yuh money already!

    by stunner 2006-Apr-18 

  6. i am in the same situation with my *old* bank. they wanted $30 to close my account. didn't pay that so i now have an overdrawn account that they keep adding fees to. i'm in the hole like $150 with this bank.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Apr-18 

  7. @michael one day they'll come knocking on your door, and they are going to be really pissed

    by owen 2006-Apr-18 

  8. Not only that, but Michale, it'll probably mess up your credit when you most need it.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Apr-18 

  9. @ Micheal, I would apeal it now before it gets out of hand. It happened to me and I let it go on for ages I was down by about £400. I went crying to the bank manager and got the charges dropped!

    by Gracie 2006-Apr-19 

  10. A not too dissimilar situation happened to me last week. I tried to close my US account at a bank here and the customer service agent with whom I dealt decided that she was going to start laying eggs before she ever made me quit the bank under her watch. She started to outline to me that "...all the other banks are not as good as this one is..", despite all my exclamations that her bank was crappy as hell and that the customer service was cow dung. She did everything short of falling to the floor and grabbing my ankles in an attempt to prevent me from taking the last $13 US dollars from the account. Needless to say, the security guard had to be summoned for after I created an armageddon in the bank, for my $13 US dollars.

    I hate banks! That's why I will now keep all my money underneath my pillow.

    by Kaschief 2006-Apr-19 

  11. @kaschief what is the interest rate on pillow banking? wow $13 US dollars? she must be really working that commision thing. what about converting all your money into gold bricks? I asked that question a while back but nobody seem to think it was a good idea.

    well you dun know as Gracie sey when all else fails try crying

    by owen 2006-Apr-19 

  12. Crying or flirting. Always worth a try!

    by Gracie 2006-Apr-21 

  13. It's so weird to see someone write what youre thinking, its uncanny. i remember that feeling, when youre 12 and you fall in love..that deep strange, invigorating feeling when you cant eat or sleep and you only dream until you see the person again and then you grow up and realize that love is just a fallacy and it is impossible to acheive and maintain forever. and then on top of all of that you have to live in Jamaica, where the bank pretends as if you owe them something even though they have your money, even when they dont offer the quality service they should. and i look at these people and you can tell they have half a brain and the only reason they have the job is because they can count...but they have not a creative or intelligent bone in their body and they all just working like their bodily functions work. and i wonder should i just keep my money under my have some interesting thoughts about life and i wonder maybe i should have my own blog but i trying to make some money too and thoughts dont make money, at least not in jamaica.

    by sprawltees 2006-May-15 

  14. @sprawltees I sell my thoughts on ebay but while in jamaica I write code for a living

    by owen 2006-May-15