1. Drivin round in a stolen vehicle. Or holdin somethin illegal while drivin a stolen vehicle. Or just ridin round not takin a shower before you go ride ina car.

    by SUNSON 2006-May-20 

  2. Could it have something to do with leaving the toilet without wiping after taking a dump?

    by mad bull 2006-May-20 

  3. ...ridin' with guns
    ...ridin' with drugs
    ...ridin' without papers

    by red_i 2006-May-20 

  4. I have heard this said before but it's meaning is unrepeatable I am afraid.
    I would much rather convince myself that SUNSON is right!

    by Gracie 2006-May-25 

  5. sex - with multiple partners - without a condom - in a car.

    by owen 2006-May-26 

  6. A rap star riding in a car playing someone elses rap music instead of his own.

    by Quicksilver 2006-May-27 

  7. means playing a porn DVD on your in car DVD player that shows on the headrests.

    by intouch 2006-May-29 

  8. It means Riding around without bathing ever...nah, i think it means Riding around without a legal car or tags, and thinking they are so gangsta, and blowing music SOOO loud that everyone thinks they're up to no good.

    by CharlieWhit 2006-Jun-07 

  9. I think it means having sex with another man. In a car? Iduhno?

    by jane22 2006-Jun-15 

  10. OK,

    I will break it down from the main man himself ... what this song is really about is CAR STEREO's More importantly Illeagl car stereos capiable of breaking the noise ordinance. Thats why his music is "so loud" and "they hating" This is reasonable cause for the law to pull someone over or "catch me ridin dirty" Baisically chamillionare is describing that once they have reason to pull you over those "dirty" cops will harrass you and take what you got.

    This is what the song is about. It is very creativem I hope he wins awards with it...(yo hint- chamillion, the acadamy likes your style!)

    by magicman90210 2006-Jun-17 

  11. Actually the song is about Racial Profiling and the cops looking and hoping for any reason to pull a brotha over. It is not specific to weed, stereos or anything. Rolling with anything illegal in the car is "Ridin Dirty".

    by TheTrooph 2006-Nov-02 

  12. You, sir, are a dope! Ridin' Dirty is riding around with ANYthing illegal in the vehical or in your possession. As stated by others, the song is also about dirty cops takin' what they want.

    by Civicminds 2012-Feb-23 

  13. it means da cops r tryin 2 catch him drivin' wit drugs (weed, coke etc.)

    by emifanatic 2006-Jun-18 

  14. I asked my african american friend and he said it meant ridin around with drug on yourself.

    by jane22 2006-Jun-19 

  15. it mean ridin between brushing your teeth and rinsing with mouthwash/flossing. your gums are still dirty after you brush, but once you floss and rinse your kewl. im pretty sure thats what chamilionair mean but im not totaly sure. a black person at work told me that

    by marc 2006-Jun-20 

  16. mann u guyz need 2 get wit tha 2006's, tha SoNg WoRkz on many levelz. itz whatevuh U tHiNk it meanz.

    by LUCIF3R 2006-Jun-21 

  17. A society that wages war against its police had better learn to make friends with its criminals.


    by Da Law 2006-Jun-28 

  18. It doesn't help when people are rapping on your window with their cane in hopes of "getting some". Or they want you to climb up in their vagina and use their piss flaps as blankets. This is a great way to get herpes!

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-27 

  19. it means riding around in a car high (ON DRUGS)

    by mcppooojdji 2006-Aug-04 

  20. hahaha, why not high on other things?

    by cat 2012-Apr-21 

  21. man the music vid is based on cars n the copz n shit....where the hell would se* cum from? should see the video...itll explain the whole system

    by mrs chamillionaire 2006-Aug-06 

  22. taking the dirt road

    by worm 2006-Aug-17 

  23. it means driving a dirty car, probably hasnt been washed in months.

    by icuucme 2006-Oct-05 

  24. it means without your driver's license, or without your seatbelt, or with illegally burned cd's. But i'm white so it's different

    by bribri464 2006-Dec-01 

  25. If you've tuned in to the radio in the past few months, you've probably heard Cham's song about the rapper being racially profiled by police who are trying to catch him with contraband, such as guns or drugs, in his car.

    Straight from MTV interview

    by wh0redervs 2007-Jun-30 

  26. it means driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    by Jimmy 2007-Sep-22 

  27. It means riding on jersey transit after scoring a half a pound of primo corned beef and getting hassled by some PETA chick who smells your meat

    by AtMillionBuckIdea 2011-Apr-28 

  28. Why would a black man get racially profiled? They don't sell or do drugs, they don't break the law, they don't blast there music so loud to draw attention to them selves.
    The police are doing there jobs. Do the right thing and you wont have to worry about ridding dirty.
    Just like the Muslim population is being profiled because 90% of them are sick bastards.
    So you see when 90% of your people do the wrong thing you are going to be profiled.

    by The Truth 2012-Feb-25 

  29. It means sticking your dick up a shit hole, Riding dirty its perfect!

    by zeke 2012-Mar-25 

  30. But you have to pull out and spray spooge all over the the persons face. Then wiping the shit off on the persons back.

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-27 

  31. I thought it was driving without insurance...

    by cat 2012-Apr-21 

  32. It means that the guy is taking it up the ass without a condom or lube while driving a car over a bunch of speedbumps! Then out come the mudsnakes!! What a dirty mess.

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-27