Swallowed In The Sea

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written by owen on 2006-Apr-10.

2 weeks ago my father died. I have never been to a funeral before. He was recovering from a stroke he had the week before. When all is said and done the funeral was over and it rained. We sang some songs, read passages from the bible and the pastor preached his sermon. The finality of the whole ordeal was quite saddening. My nephew cried and I mostly just watched the rain. I hang around in Mandeville for a while and met some cousins. As the eulogy was read I wondered how life could be compressed into a few minutes of text. I don't know how to feel. Your only alive for so long, so make as many friends as possible. I have always been a bit emotionally distant. Now I'm just hanging around but I'm OK.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.

    by Brea 2006-Apr-10 

  2. Man, I am really sorry to hear. My Dad dies three years ago on the 17th of April so I know somewhat how you must be feeling.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Apr-10 

  3. Sympathies buddy, I'm praying for you.

    by tristan 2006-Apr-10 

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss.
    Keep yuh head up my yute!

    by charles 2006-Apr-10 

  5. I don't know what to say-but didn't want to not say.
    Sorry to hear it.

    by Gods Child 2006-Apr-11 

  6. I'm sorry for the loss, friend. Take care of yourself and be with your family.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Apr-12 

  7. so sorry to hear that

    by alex 2006-Apr-20 

  8. I feel your pain Bro, I wasnt there but I understand, he was the only father I knew for a time that is. That is life, we gotta go on. Mom is OK

    by geesquare01 2008-Jul-25