1. If I was a man I still would not marry.

    by Gracie 2006-May-15 

  2. if I were of the opposite sex, I would want to have nice breasts, then I'd probably think about it.

    by owen 2006-May-15 

  3. yes, tomorrow.

    by Gods Child 2006-May-16 

  4. frankly... i probably wouldn't - too miserable! :)

    by FyrFli 2006-May-23 

  5. yeaa if i was a gurl n saaww the guy me id be like dmann wha a sexy boy

    by Daniel 2006-Jun-01 

  6. Hmm that's tuff because I know I'm an ass.I'd say no yup it's deffenet!

    by jane22 2006-Jun-15 

  7. nahhh... I'd rather marry a guy just like me.

    by gelede 2006-Jul-29 

  8. Owen, I see that u really like breast

    by Tammy 2006-Dec-12 

  9. didn't I tell you not to visit my website?

    by owen 2006-Dec-12