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Coconuts - The random photo journal



  1. looks like you busted your nut.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-May-11 

  2. Can't have rice and peas without it.

    by Stunner 2006-May-11 

  3. That's one cracked up nut.

    by Kaschief 2006-May-11 

  4. Nah!!

    by Gracie 2006-May-11 

  5. when I was a boy, my mother would grater coconuts and mix it with sugar.

    @stunner they have this powdered version nowadays

    by owen 2006-May-11 

  6. Ironically enough, thats not the only nut that they have the powdered version for

    by Kaschief 2006-May-11 

  7. modern days, they have people in factories busting nuts and making powder.

    by owen 2006-May-11 

  8. Ever had red stripe chicken? Calls for coconut milk.

    by Gods Child 2006-May-12 

  9. now thats the shit, owen.
    good stuff.

    by me 2006-May-13 

  10. Whats that brown stuff in the upper left hand side of the container? Looks like a piece of brown cloth, I am wondering what its doing there...

    by mad bull 2006-May-13 

  11. Very versatile nut. Coconut water is like ambrosia!

    by doctord 2006-May-14 

  12. @doctord ambrosia? the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal? have you been commenting under the influence again?

    by owen 2006-May-15 

  13. Perhaps! Coconut water is my chaser of choice for VX!

    by doctord 2006-May-17 



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