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On a good day Mad Bull is married, male child, I/T, 52 years young, hangs around a place called "cayman islands".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

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Interview Questions

Are you doing better than your parents when they were your age?

Me not sure. In fact, if it is so, its only slightly, and I have 6 less children!

What are your favourite songs of 2013?

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

What are your views on global warming/climate change?

Dah wun ya deep! I would say more, but sadly, dah wun ya too deep for me. I think maybe we are messing up the earth, and so attention has to be focused ( by governments) on creating more eco friendly forms of transportation, and on moving us more and more towards using renewable energy sources. God knows what else, but there is probably more they can do.

If you were a person of interest, what would your alias be?

Mine would probably be Mad Bull.

What have been your favourite songs/albums of 2010?

"Airplanes" ~ BoB, Hayley Williams and Eminem

Why are you still using facebook?

Because I need a life, I guess.

Video Blog » Life is like a guiness!

written by Mad Bull, 2015-Jul-2

Believe it or not! This one is by mi cousin! If you like rock, check out this Dubrock tune... It wicked!

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owen commented: I like it, he kinda strays with his lyrics towards the end but its good. [cool] ... read more

Video Blog » Mad Bull sez "Listen Sezi!"!

written by Mad Bull, 2015-Jul-2

Came across this lady on SoundCloud. I like her music... thought I would share it and get your opinion.

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The wheels project » Japanese 1999 Honda Accord

written by Mad Bull, 2012-Mar-24

Its the best my ride has looked for a century or two! And its courtesy of my bredrin "Gotti"! See, he is one of those people who ABSOLUTELY CANNOT drive a dirty ride! Me on the other hand... If I'm clean, I'm good. I think I'm going to start lending the car to "Gotti" for a couple of days every month! She'll thank me for it! I wonder if he paid for a massage for her too? LOL!

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owen commented: Nice rims. Nice but not too flashy. there is chemical that takes the yellowness out of the headlights but I can never find it on the cheap - nothing but punks wanting to make a quick buck. ... read 3 more

The people project » Happy St. Patrick's Day!

written by Mad Bull, 2012-Mar-17

A bunch of young people having a St. Patrick's Day beach party...

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owen commented: what cellphone did you use to take these pics? its 2012 man! [tongue] ... read 1 more

The shadow project » Simba

written by Mad Bull, 2012-Mar-17

Simba, sporting his trim for the summer.

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