On the Bound

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written by owen on 2020-Jul-24.

Well these are certainly interesting times. One would not ever in a million years have guessed that the world could exist in such a state. If someone had told me this several years ago I would have thought them mad because there is "no budget", "no budget for this" (in a Chinese accent). But magically so it is and here we are. But what can we do? We just keep chugging on.

I need a new camera but I need to write a whole technical article on the "whys" and "why nots". As I always do - I must think about everything in depth. It is a skill I have grown to understand as I get older. You cannot regret something that you spent 6 months in quarantine thinking about. The thoughts cemented in your brain so hard you would need hard drugs to dislodge. We your reality is not "real" your tend to be very on happy. But even happiness in itself is a construct of your imagination.

If you asked me what I have been doing for the past couple weeks I could not tell you. Though I am working on stuff it is rather hard to see clearly now the rain is gone, all of the dark clouds have disappeared. What it is with all this confusion and fear mongering going on in society. If consider that we are living on a ball of fire which is spinning around another gigantic ball of fire - people seem to want to ignore this fact and create little personal blankets in which they can roll around inside while they rage war on other people.

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