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written by owen on 2020-Mar-12.

Anyone who knows me knows that April is both the best month and worse month. In fact all months are pretty much the same but April is like peak oil or climate change - you just never know until its right up on you then it passes until it comes around again. But like all unavoidable the pressures that other people put on your own desire to free yourself from mental slavery - you simply must push through and resist the coming end of the world. But no Ebola can stop di scoa. We going to have to have jump in our gas masks and sweat off the fever. The Olympics must happen!

Whenever I tell people that I "almost" crash at least 4 times a day during my commute across Kingston they look at me puzzled as if I am driving in some kinda warzone or somewhere different from where they live. But the reality is that people tend to filter out the risks that they take on a daily bases and would rather focus on pleasantries that they used to enjoy as a child. Plantain tarts, your mom rubbing your back when you had a cold. We all live under ground.

The older I get I realize that it is uneventful to talk about being happy. It is almost as if happiness is some sort of weakness or expensive cologne waiting to be knocked of the top of a high piece of furniture only to then crash on the hard floor of a life well wasted. People love drama, so we move from drama to drama looking for someone to blame.

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