Cold, Cold, Cold

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written by owen on 2020-Jan-17.

Every time I mention that I "survived 2019" I get a look like I am being morbid. People want to hear about the normal stuff, Christmas dinners and married life but I live in a country where road fatalities in 2019 were at a 26 year high with 435 dead. Makes me wonder if I should really write and publish my "Driving in Jamaica" hand book to see if I can save some lives and finally get my Heros Day medal of honor.

When you stop to let a blind man cross the road and then drive off to almost hit down big fully functioning adult male you know driving on these roads is not for the foolish. You have to be vigilant for you never know when the USA might drone strike you for some random reason.

So its a new year. A fresh chance to dig ourselves out of our bad ways and pave a new tunnel towards knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Unless of course you were already on that path then carry on. For the rest of those that seem content on wasting the time of others I hope you see the ill in your ways.

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  1. With the way how Jamaica has been looking over the last 3 years, survival mode seems like the only normal setting. It's like people have to be fighting the odds to not get robbed or shot and killed by gunmen or robot taxi or bad driving.

    by Tami 2020-Jan-22 

  2. what a time to be alive!

    by owen 2020-Jan-24