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written by owen on 2019-Dec-05.

Do not worry about the future. Enjoy your days and sleep well at night. If you cannot sleep well stay up late into the night so that your body is so tired and it falls a sleep. The future writes itself. All you can do is prepare for it. Be ready. Your future dreams and aspirations are not good if you die before they happen. So you have to be stead fast now and patient. Like a snake in the tall grass or a monkey.

I need to find a new pocket camera but old one is showing its age like a old fishing rod that wont catch any new fish. I have a few options in a wide price range. I may have to buy one a little more expensive than I usually purchase because I want to get go headshots - your vest. I have very exacting specifications because of how I am. But nothing is like is perfect - everything has trade offs. I simply choose my safe space carefully and wrap up inside it like a warm blanket. Every now and again I peek out from the top of my tree house and I say ohy!

I am still thinking about writing that driving in Jamaica manual. I am slowly soaking out the fear that I might jinx myself by writing about something that is clearly a day to day struggle for survival in a concret jungle built of steal, gaskets and rubber. I should really get a dash cam but that would require me to do some research into the various types on the market and I can only be obsessive-compulsive on one thing at a time so maybe next year. Crash and burn myself out.

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