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written by owen on 2020-May-10.

Working from home is like a whole new level of boring. A level of that I not sure how long we can keep up. People invite me to Xoom meetings that I forget about. Luckily I have a second office that only has one door versus my main office with has 4 doors + an elevator. The work from home apocalypse has come in full force. The lack of traffic is nice but but it does not help much to drive fast only to end up at a place that has 50 people lining up at the entrance in the hot sun. This early summer holiday is driving me crazy and its has not rained in weeks.

I have separate projects that I work on at home - sometimes for hours at a time. These home projects are more complicated than the stuff I do at work. This makes the stuff I at home more fun because I can take more risks and leave it in the oven for longer times. So far everyday feels like a Friday and I am not sure why because I know its not Friday but it FEELS like Friday.

The older I get I realize that it is uneventful to talk about being happy. It is almost as if happiness is some sort of expensive cologne waiting to be knocked off the top of a high furniture, then crash on the hard floor of a life well wasted. People love drama, so we move from drama to drama looking for someone with which to share it.

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