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written by owen on 2020-Feb-06.

I was on my way to the ATM when I skipped over a 5$ coin on the ground. Was about to double back for it when the lady came out of the ATM and smiled. I went into the ATM and the cash got stuck in the top of the opening. With quick thinking I yanked at the bills like a bank robber, shifting them until I could free them all before the door slammed back down. Apparently the machine divided up the change into too many bills that could not fit through the opening. If I had been a second slower I would be in a world of annoyance. By the time I was done I saw the ATM security guard quickly grabbed up my 5$ coin and stuffed it in his pocket.

I need to book an appointment a new appointment for the dentist before my wisdom tooth starts to flare up again. Anyway I am out. Every time I go to the dentist she tries to convince me to come back to get cavities refilled and I tell her that I have a fear of dentist and she tries to convince me that its not going to hurt and I look to the corner of the room until she stops talking.

When you are like me you do not want to have too many fun things to work on. If I end up having 2 fun things to work on I will naturally take the fun-er route because obviously why would I spend my current time working on something less fun when I have a valid excuse to work on something else? It is hard to really determine what I will find fun because I am working on so many things at the same time.

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  1. Never see money and walk past it ever!

    I also used to have a fear of dentists until I went to a dentist in Cross Roads. They aren't rough and I happily make my appointments to get a cleaning or filling if needed.

    by Tami 2020-Feb-12 

  2. one does not want to be caught in one of those prank videos

    by owen 2020-Feb-13