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written by owen on 2019-Oct-14.

We all just want to get lucky and win the lotto or something. I personally just want to even out and possibly make a small profit. Everything is a compromise whether you believe it or not, a flip of the card, a double six when all you need is a ace. Does that make me crazy? Maybe you are crazy? Maybe we are crazy?

People often wonder what I am doing. But all I am doing is waiting. Waiting on that point in time when the clouds are so gray that they block out the sun. The wind blows cold across the sky like a sheet being pulled over your body early in the morning. At which point you will be certain that the rain is about to fall so hard that everyone from miles around can hear the sound of it approaching. What am I am doing? I am listening for the rain.

After recent events it is evident that the things that will keep me up at night will be much more time consuming than they were when I was young and focused. I can only assume that it is part of the process. The trick to getting older is not dieing while you are young, taking it one day at a time, paper straws, et cetera.

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