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written by owen on 2019-Feb-10.

I went out to get some fast food for lunch on a Friday. I am not sure how people are getting by with these prices. The fruit juice is half the price of the meal. The tax is half the price of the fruit juice. I tried drinking the juice without the plastic straw that they gave me - it was awkward at first - to be sipping gin and juice in public straight from the cup - but it is a small price to pay with the end goal of getting rid of every piece of single use plastic on the planet.

I have been doing the rounds more than usual. Meeting people and showing them charts. Programming software takes a whole lotta a time and effort. It keeps me up at night. Creating anything new in general takes time which is why most people avoid it. It is often a delicate balance of extreme focus and picking your battles wisely. If you are going to do something you might as well do it right or do not do it all. Incompetence is a stink that spreads quickly. There is no perfect system. No matter how good the techstack.

I went to a dance in the hills of Papine last weekend. By went I mean I was carried because I promised I would go. But if I had known my final destination I would not have ventured so far off road, up a hill. It was a real street dance, buy out the bar, 2 am and the party just a pickup, gal a dash out. I could see all the stars in the sky and by the time the police came to lock off the dance I had already seen all there was to see. I did come away with one observation: if the music is not a deafening levels the crowd gets really complacent like bored children with tics in dem batty. The only good system is a sound system.

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