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written by owen on 2019-Mar-26.

I had a fast and the furious moment last week when I came up a newly fixed bridge that was unpaved. The back of the car then proceeded to under/over steered as the unpaved road surface provided no traction as I rounded the corner. You can imagine the frantic movements that took place as the car lost control on what felt like skating on ice. And before you even say it I was not speeding. I never go much faster than the speed limit - much less rounding a corner. Worse that could happen is that I bang the car up in a way that would be hard to fix. Luckily and with heavenly mercy I managed to get the car back under control.

A near death situation is nothing new. Everyday is a jungle in one way or the other. If anything events like these only reaffirm what I already know about physics, life and finances. The never ending march toward chaos does not help anything either. Everyday is Christmas and every night a new years eve.

I have stuff to do and it is approaching my birthday - yet again. Putting myself in an awkward situation is not what I consider fun. But sometimes you have to take one for the team and just hope that you survive at the end of it all. Just another hurdle after hurdle - whatever people are complaining about now is just one step in a series of things that people will complain about late. People are short sighted.

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