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written by owen on 2019-Feb-14.

The astonishing thing about the human experience is that you can only experience it at one time in one place. You cannot be in 2 places at once. Physics. Of course there is always pictures, videos and stories. But those are not really the same thing and if you think they are the same then you are only fooling yourself. You are a kid then you grow old. Certain experiences are only applicable for that time like that apple tree you climbed when you lived in the country. It is what it is because it existed in that time and lived in that place. All that is left are the memories. Make new memories.

As I was arriving late at work this morning a saw a women dressed full red. Themed up like an amusement park ride. I swore she put on everything red she had in her house. All she needed was a big red bag and sled to be Santa Clause. She was peering down at her phone as I walked by her without so much as a good morning. I saw her head pop up in the reflection of the door. She was clearly trying too hard. We are on a big rock spinning around a ball of fire. It is hard to dance with the devil on you back - shake him off.

You never know what experiences are going to affect someone so much that it changes them to the core of their inner being. You just have to hope that they come back out as a better person. "All that matters are the things you survive" is what I say most times. Because clearly it does not matter if you tried something and you died - so if you lived to tell the tale then it cannot be all that bad. Focus on making the rest of today better. Happy Valentines day.

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