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written by owen on 2004-Aug-22.

Unless your living on another planet or have not being to yahoo lately, you might not have realised that the olympics in athens is underway. The Olympics in which countries from around the world come together to see who has the better set of athletes and who can win the most medals for their country. It's all in the nature of good clean fun, friendship, peace and gold medals.

But it is fun to watch, that is if you are the sports watcher type of person. If not you can still check out which country has the best looking athletes. IT does not matter if you country is involved or not it's all about the competition. Most might not care for the olympics as a whole but there is something there for everyone. I myself watched beach volley ball, tennis and diving events. I don't know why really I just do. Built it and they will come is what I have always say.

There is usually always an event in play, like a spring break circus or carnival. So much so that some of the events are happening simultaneously and they don't get televised. Which in fact sucks for the people in the unpopular events but they still get their medals, bragging rights. Depending on what channel your watching or whether your awake. For the people who don't sleep that isn't much of a problem.

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  1. Yeah, some of those athletes look <b><i>FINE!!!</i></b> The runner from Barbados, I think it was, Tonique something... She look noice, nuh true? Not only her of course, but she shocked out yesterday.

    by Mad Bull 2004-Aug-23 

  2. I agree with you there is something there for all. I like badminton (being the only sport I play) and I was lucky enough to get a bit of it because my cable company carries CVM Plus. Some of the ladies look real nice in their outfits as well. Women's volleyball will force a heart rate increase anytime. I catch what I can when I can.

    by Scratchie 2004-Aug-23 

  3. Gymnastics, swimming, diving and track and field for me. Unfortunately I haven't seen any of the gymnastics and I think it done long time. :-(

    by DoctorD 2004-Aug-23 

  4. i watch just to see who wins. its not about the sport to me.

    then there are the sports that i watch just out of pure curiousity. you wonder what the sport is all about and you see how amazing some of the people are who participate in the sport. you think about how the greeks throught of those who were in the olympics. you realize how much things have changed and how much they will change, all to honor the best.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-24 

  5. track and field quick laugh?

    by owen 2004-Aug-24 

  6. also add womens field hockey to the list.

    by owen 2004-Aug-27 

  7. handball in my opinion is the silly-est sport ever - even at the olympic level

    by owen 2004-Aug-29 

  8. by owen 2004-Aug-30