1. I visited the Jerk Festival in July 2004. Wonderful event and so much people. Like Owen said, do not drive directly to the event. We spent more time trying to get back to our vehicle than we did at the event. Pork delicious!!!

    by Pauleene Edwards 2005-Jan-09 

  2. portland jerk festial the best great! pork good food i will flew in for this event as soon as i got the dates

    by shelly 2006-Mar-31 

  3. I am very amused by all the good things that I`ve heard about this event,therefore I will be flying down just to celebrate with my fellow Jamaicans,see you all soon !!!!

    by carla 2007-Apr-14 

  4. Remember your sunbock.

    by Lacy 2007-Apr-22