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written by owen on 2004-Jul-04.

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Every day is christmas and every night is new years eve (Sade)
It's been a really drawn out week. I still have a lot of work to do - work which should have been done on sunday except I got draged off to the Portland Jerk Festival. The annual staging of the hot and spicy. Jerk which is a term used for an island style of barbecue that includes marinating the meat in a green pesto-like mixture of herbs, spices, and very hot peppers.        I heard talk "Jerk Ice Cream" too but I didn't stay around long enough or cared to find out.
So now I'm back and waferbaby has added a niffy new feature to his site but I've still got other things to do on this one. Especially about people asking questions about a certain person. All silly little 15 year old girls they are but I'm working on a solution.

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  1. Ok, so the lady above had her image captured forever at the Jerk Festival, I take it? What are they doing to her? Is that a new form of torture, and if so, what has she done to deserve it?

    by mad bull 2004-Jul-05 

  2. it's one of those bungee things that they set up at festivals and such other kids stuff that fun dealers tend to set up. 2 bungee cords allowed people to go mainly up and down, as far as I remember it was voluntary. Well you had to pay.

    by owen 2004-Jul-05 

  3. The word 'beauty' is misspelled in your title tag. But if that's deliberate then ignore this post. :)

    by hi 2004-Jul-07 

  4. did the butt burn the next day after eating all of that jerk? (yum yum)

    by Yamfoot 2004-Jul-07