Blame It On The Drink

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written by owen on 2004-Jun-20.

Every now and then I get inspired to let lose and spit a few rhymes; Soon I'll have a full album and sell platinum. Music is where the money is;

I just saw the car on the website and I said to myself "WOW". Then pictured me rolling down the street on three 20 inch rims, riding on the side, laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. Cause I got so much money. I'm so fly, so high and troublesome I decided to roll out in my gator boots at mid-day (cause I ain't got no job).
Head down to atl for some southern hospitality, women see me, ask we what's we fantasy, Nice & Lovely. All the women chasing cash. Why do good girl like bad guys? Cause they don't know who we be. Under me guiness it a different ting. I hate it when there are too many women and not enough hos, too many rookies and not enough pros. Anyting go down - it wasn't me, all the ladies round the bend gimme de light. aIright, take five. multiply. cause we on another level, giving you originality. Haters and Fools caan get no gal. Look in to my eyes tell me what you see. say what you wanna say it's the way I am, whatever you say I am, if I wasn't then why would I say I am. We jamming.

Bacardi on the rocks please. I'm not going to teach you people how to write computer programs - I'm sorry - leave me alone.

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