The sky is blue

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written by owen on 2004-Aug-20.

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When you live in the topics and then venture off to New York or some other none tropical country, you grow to appreciate and even miss the clear blue sky. And yes it hot out here, freaking hot at that but I would trade in cold winter nights for a frying pan any day. At least you can get away from it in the shade but not the cold. The cold is every where. I might have liked snow but I don't think it's worth it at all.

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  1. i don't mind the cold & the winter here in ohio. the weather really varies here. i would like to travel to the tropics soon again, and most likely will within the next 2 years.

    its all a state of mind. i don't really like the cold or the snow, but at times, it can be beautiful. it all depends on how you feel and whats going on. i hate waking up in the morning and starting my car after i get out of the shower & get dressed. i don't like waking up and leaving the house when its snowing to go to school or work, but when i don't have to be anywhere but home, the snow is beautiful. i can lay on the couch next to the patio door and fall alseep looking out. i can wake up, get dressed, and go outside and play in the snow (yeah, i'm 18:).

    everything is relative & a state of mind.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-20 

  2. Nice shot. I'm trying to figure out exactly where it was taken, the hills in the background look familiar.

    I lived in London and sometimes there were days in winter where the sky was all clear and blue.....sunny......cold like ice! The grey days were actually theory is that the clouds trap the UV rays, but the blue sky is a beautiful thing to behold. Anywhere. Sunlight is really important to our well being.

    by DoctorD 2004-Aug-21 

  3. it's in half-way-tree at the fire station.

    by owen 2004-Aug-21 

  4. ..coming from da tropics too, i find it hia [in australia] ffreeezzzzing - even in their "summers".. lol. [i nearly died in london!]
    oh, and nice pic too!

    by me 2004-Aug-21 

  5. Good photo, rude bwoy. Re the hot/cold thing, some would say that you can dress for the cold, but when its hot, its just hot, nothing you can do about it. Personally, I didn't like the cold either, and I hated snow, which just gets transformed into a nasty brown sludge in a short time after cars annd people traffic through it.

    by Mad Bull 2004-Aug-23