The Common Denominator of Success

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written by alex on 2004-Jul-13.

ABSTRACT: This essay was really geared towards to those in the life insurance selling business.
Gray says that the secret of success is not 'hard work', although this is very likely a requirement
but it is that successful people do what failures do not want to do. He also said that the question is not what a man does in his life, but why he does it. The emphasis is on purpose, the purpose must drive the momentum and keep a successful person resolving everyday to stick to the personal commitments that he has made for his life

MyThoughts: I thought it was an interesting piece with some excellent points. It falls along
the lines of what ive been reading in Stephen Coveys Book. I think the best thing I can take from this is that, successful ppl do what they dont like to do, ppl naturally dont like to do alot of things. Things that lead to success, hence if you want to reach the goal you need to be disciplined to form the habits that accomplish the goal. However another important thing that struck me in Mr. Grays piece was that you must avoid getting caught up with the habits while forgetting why you created the habits in the first place.

From "The Common Denominator of Success" by E.M. Gray

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