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written by owen on 2004-Aug-01.

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Now I'm not one for the whole night club scene, I like to sleep at night. Anything after 12 o'clock at night any night is too late, way too late. I need my sleep or else I can't wake up the next day. After 12 all my bodily systems shut down, my eyes close, and I begin to see Britney Spears and Alicia Keys throwing sheep over a wooden fence. I'm not leaving my house at that time at - unless I'm going to sleep where ever I'm going.
It doesn't matter which night it is either, I could careless. I'm not much of a weekend person, most times I cannot even tell which day of the week. Because it matters little - mostly on monday. I already have trouble getting up in the mornings and so added late night excursions to nightclubs, involving alcoholic beverages, plane signaling and the rain dance isn't going to help my delicate situation.
Occasionally there will be one or two parties at "the house" put on by "the nephew". Parties which are simple unavoidable, plus I have to keep watch in case the devil wants to play. Of course I don't know anybody and my eyes are almost closing from sleep deprivation but I must stay sane and awake at least. Don't drink at drive. I vote sleep for president.
Call me up at 8 or 9 pm, I am not a night person at all. I'm also thinking of adding a photo project called "pimp juice".

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  1. i used to be more of a weekend person back in junior high, but as the years went on and i had more access (a car and age), i've gone out less and less. the weekends are great because i can sleep in, but i normally end up getting too much sleep and feeling like even more shit.

    as far as being a night person goes, i am defiantley one. i find myself staying up past 2am just about everyday, whether i am actually doing something or not. i can lay in bed for hours staring at the blank black ceiling. i have to be ready for bed before i can sleep. hard to explain.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-01 

  2. Hey Owen, I definately agree with you about the sleep ting still--of course, some nights I have to force myself to stay awake for the sake of enjoyment, but it's worth it!

    Britney Spears and Alicia Keys throwing sheep over fence, now that is definately something I don't hear every day LOL.

    Post more, Post more, Post More!


    by AngryDog 2004-Aug-02 

  3. owen, when i was in my late teens and twenties i could stay at session 'till all 4AM, had a blue blanket that I used to put up in my window to block out the sunlight next day when sleep a buss (we have glass windows at my house).

    different story now still. 12 is a bit early for me i would say, if i am enjoying the vibes, but i would say i prefer to hit the bed by tek too much fe recover from a nite of party hearty and VX now than addition as man get more mature there are more responsibilities...dem days of sleeping till noon done fah long time wid me

    well, i suppose we now know what your beverage of choice is!

    by DoctorD 2004-Aug-02 

  4. that's too funny.

    I'm a lover of sleep to myself, but once in a while I will go out and have a blast, and drink water. It's the dancing, the music that I go out for.

    And in addition to those dances, you got to add the 'blase' pronounced blah-zay.

    by Yamfoot 2004-Aug-03