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written by Owen on 2004-May-15.

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I had a compaq PC previously but the processor got fried when I tried to over-clock it - that's all I'm going to say about that. Now I do all my php on my dell optiplex (call me a sellout if you want) which is about 2 yrs old.
The crappy silver speakers aren't mine, the one I had before exploded if you play them too load which my nephew often does (he likes the noise). Yes that is duck tape, music makes the whole go round. The machine is a 1.6 mhz Dell with 256mb of RAM. There is a 16mb ATI graphic card in there (yes it sucks but I have a GameCube). 17 inch monitor, 1290 by 1024 pixels because there are 174 files on my desktop 58 of which are called New Text document(n).txt. The playstation controller and my cell phone is connected through the USB port. The printer is borrowed because I don't need to print anything - hardcopy? What is hardcopy? Paper pollutes the environment so do CRT moniters.
The Cds are all blank except the green one which is AOL 9.0 optimized which I can't use in jamaica but comes with the full version internet explorer 6 point something. There is a 3 and a half inch diskette there as well - diskettes are cool. I don't have a burner because I don't know if I could resist the temptation.
And yes the keyboard is pretty dusty I know. Dust is my friend. I could have built a PC if I wanted to, yes it would have been cheaper but I a software guy - leave me a lone. I'm gonna buy a 12 inch apple lap top - eventually. OSX kicks but.

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  1. hey i have the same problem of numerous new text dosuments on my desktop too. renaming is for suckers. AOL and IE on one cd together. that sounds like a cd i'd love to break into lots of little pieces. and it's *duct* tape, not duck tape. plastic tape for use on ducts and piping - not for use on ducks, heheh.

    by shade 2004-May-16 

  2. duct? whatever

    by owen 2004-May-16 

  3. Never heard of "Duct Ape", Owen?

    by MaThIbUs 2004-May-19 

  4. what?

    by owen 2004-May-19 

  5. hehe. I now have a very ammusing image in my head of ducks being taped together. As for your desktop, well, i have approx 3 things on my PC desktop, 2 things on the iBook. I cant help myself, i have to be organized. On my iBook i use quicksilver to navigate. Very minimal.

    by pointybeard 2004-May-22