1. If they piss me off, like if they request me to add them as friend, then I email them or try to chat to them and they don't respond.... so what the rass dem add me for! Sayonara, bitchez!

    by mad bull 2009-Dec-06 

  2. I don't know who they are whether literally or figuratively; or I do know and I can't stand them

    by Gods Child 2009-Dec-07 

  3. i echo md bull's sentiments for sure

    by Aurie 2009-Dec-09 

  4. Cuz i don't kno them and we do not communicate

    by jayrulez 2009-Dec-13 

  5. Same reason you would stop associating with certain people in real life. The world is full of frauds, parasites and othe blood sucking creatures.

    by Jammy 2010-Feb-03 

  6. when im irritated

    by marqthompson 2010-Mar-02 

  7. Cause they constantly tag me in crap, send stupid requests, etc

    by Apocalypse 2010-Apr-14 

  8. If I hate someone and if I feel angry abot someone.

    by Sanjid Mahmood Hamim 2010-Jul-13