1. People play (mostly men) because they like sinking balls [mocking]

    by marangand 2009-Aug-24 

  2. It makes you look kinda smart because not every one knows how to hold a cue or not scratch;worst to even sink the 8 ball.

    by Tami 2009-Aug-25 

  3. Pool is a wonderful game. From you ask this question, I know you don't play it. Its like that game, golf... People who don't play can't understand the attraction to the game but it rocks!

    by Mad Bull 2009-Aug-30 

  4. swimming, chilling...

    by jayrulez 2009-Dec-13 

  5. Possibly it's good for pool parties, but give me the ocean any day.

    by Jammy 2010-Feb-03