1. After reading the question I had to find out who did the research. Turns out to be an organization in the UK.

    Anyway. I am not sure,how do they measure happiness and if Jamaica rank third I am guessing it is relative to other places less happy?

    knowing my country the way I do. I am not sure

    by RB 2009-Jul-08 

  2. I think you can trace it all back to the flag and it's colors. Even though the country seems to be plagued with nothing but violence, people will never starve in Jamaica. It is just a naturally rich and abundant place and Jamaicans have a practicality, a cunning, and a joie de vivre that other peoples genuinely admire.

    by Gods Child 2009-Jul-09 

  3. I think that research is just a load of bull sh..!

    by Stunner 2009-Jul-09 

  4. I think you are a load of bullshit

    by Jamaicafinest 2009-Jul-17 

  5. What are you stupid haters thinking about my country, you have bad people all over the world,
    the crime's that are committed in any single state
    in these socal first world country it's more than Jamaica as a country. I DO THINK YOUR HEAD IS FULL OF BULL SHIIIIT!!!AND NOT THE RESEARCH

    by HG 2009-Aug-06 

  6. I think that as a national Jamaica has more "fat" than alot of other developing countries and as a result are very proud. We dance alot, sing alot, go to church alot, and spend lots of borrowed money. Yeah I'd say we are pretty happy for a 3rd world country. We are so happy we need to buy a bigger island.

    by owen 2009-Jul-09 

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    by owen 2009-Jul-20 

  8. that used to be the case...

    by Aurie 2009-Jul-13 

  9. I am very proud of my country. Jamaica I am proud of us for being real and not sweep our problems under the rug we embrace it and make the best of it. JAMAICA to di flippin weerrlllll!!!! if yu nuh like it too bad.

    by Jamaicafinest 2009-Jul-17 

  10. I totally agree with you...we might be 'poor' with money but 'rich' in spirit.

    by Islandgirl 2009-Jul-17 

  11. right

    by jayrulez 2009-Dec-13