Tis the season to short days, long nights and cat fights

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written by Tami on 2009-Nov-18.

Notice how the weather has slowly moved from boiling hot to overcast-cool these days? Notice how you get to sleep a little bit longer and spend a little less time at work? This is all for a cause. Dont feed the monkeys. I love this kind of weather, but it garners people around the office and home sneezing their sockets out. Sniffling here and there, nasty snot tissues on the floor. But sometimes, everyone needs that good sneeze to get the bullshit out. I dont get in fights with open minded persons but i do with the padlocked ones. Dam dingbats! frigging fonts! To each his own.

I have been aquaintances with this tough foot, female wrestler looking girl at work for over a year now. This relationship began with much caution as we were introduced at lunch while she was telling a story of how the evening before she stabbed a guy several times because she was trying to say something and he wasn't lending an ear, instead going on and on. I kept my distance, occasionally joining to have lunch and gossip a little. Everyone gossips, just in different ways. Her demeanor was bullish and bossy and persons around the office preferred it to be business as usual when it came to her. Ghetto.It's either her way or the high way.

Due to drastic changes in the sector, I was thrown in the lions mouth when [they] decided to close my department and transfer me to where baby bull resided. She hindered my work, chatting constantly about some other persons business or the many problems she had in her life. I realised that I couldn't fade away into my music and produce outstanding work anymore, or it could just be a silly excuse that my new duties were even more boring than the last or just that i wasn't adjusting to the change very well.

Something, somewhere had changed. I think i liked the fact that she was occasional when i was not so close, but now she was there 24-7. Annoying. It's funny how things are when the gossip is now about you. I didn't confront her because quite frankly i didn't want to get stabbed, so i spoke with her supervisor about it. A meeting was called and i turned out to be the "bad guy". It seemed her bark was alot louder than her bite. Tears rolled down her face, difficulty to catch her breath as i told her of my discovery. She asked to be excused from the meeting, but it was denied and from then I began getting that feeling that something was about to pop off any moment now. Shoot, i left my Ninja gear at home. Dammit.

Nothing happened but now i'm seen as the one who took the bully off her high horse.

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  1. Sounds like a good deal to me.
    Nice work Tami.
    We probably need you to pop in at my job.

    by Gods Child 2009-Nov-18 

  2. Anytime. I'm still innocent. [innocent]

    by Tami 2009-Nov-18 

  3. hmmm ninja gear. i wish u didn't leave it. the story could have been even cooler :p

    by taylor 2009-Nov-20 

  4. Indeed i agree but blood stains are hard to come out of white.

    by Tami 2009-Nov-24 

  5. "I have been aquaintances" hahaha. snap. next time write an anonymous letter.

    by owen 2009-Nov-20 

  6. Being Anon is kinda boring.

    by Tami 2009-Nov-24 

  7. Wow.... I thought this was written by Owen. Good job! Good job tearing toughie from the king of the mountain spot too.

    by mad bull 2009-Nov-22 

  8. Duppy know who fi frighten. Nuff time dem gwan like bad bull and duppy conqueror and it's all a facade.

    Good for you, but keep your eyes open.

    by Dreadlocks Cyah Live Inna Tenement Yard 2009-Nov-23 

  9. Oh trust me i intend to.

    by Tami 2009-Nov-24 

  10. I thought it was Owen tooo....but then the spelling and grammar here is much better. Nice post!

    by Jamila 2009-Nov-24 

  11. Ouch! Jam, that a guh bun

    by Tami 2009-Nov-25 

  12. Did you not see that I pointed out a big error in it? [indifferent]

    by owen 2009-Nov-26 

  13. DWPCL @ Jamila...

    by Dreadlocks Cyah Live Inna Tenement Yard 2009-Nov-30 

  14. lol @ office politics.

    i disagree about this sleeping longer thing though

    by krems 2009-Nov-25 

  15. You must live in the east...the sun comes up there first.

    by Tami 2009-Nov-25 

  16. daylight savings time?

    by owen 2009-Nov-26 

  17. ah so yuh fi drop it! doa put up it mess!! well played Tami

    by Aurie 2009-Dec-09