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written by owen, published 2021-Feb-08, comment

It has been a weird year so far. I am not even sure what people are currently hating on at the moment. The great divide in opinions is growing and motivational speakers have no changed to meet the grow precipice that is public opinion. People have pretty much given up on objectivity and resolved to basically repeating wishes in the hope that it will come through. Except everything just gets worse and more distorted because they have no control.

I would not be suprised that many people's only social interactions in this pandemic is social media. And the lack of objective opinions is leaving a sort of skewed perspective as to what the actual real world is like outside. I could not even come up with a proper title for this post because things have been so out of wack with everyone playing follow the leader.

I try not to betray my former self. Where would I be if I had not done the things I had done? Avoided all the things I had avoided? What is life but a series of roads not crossed? Times wasted? Laughs shared? As we plow through space we forget the things we need to forget and remember the things we want to forget. we end up at a point with no other option but to move forward. Our fates are governed by the choices we make.

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Black Velveteen

written by owen, published 2021-Jan-26, comment

I went to visit my mom on the weekend. Listened to her while she complained about her increasing knee pain. This is a woman that likes to walk about all the time. I picked some lemons from the back yard. Afterwards I drove down to the most beautiful beach I had seen in ages. I walked about a mile in one direction then I remembered I had a long drive back home in the dark. I took some pictures but the pictures do not do the place justice at all.

This has been an interesting year so far interns of it being a continuation of the last year of nonsense and politics. The business of hate has gone up 10 fold because its just easier to sell. And of course technology with save us with tablets and apps. lol. But what can you do? Only time will tell.

I current have a bunch of code that I need to write in order to update this website and a few other projects that I have lingering about on my desktop and in my inbox. So many projects I am sure I am forgetting some of them. But either way I am chipping at them slowly because why rush? Nothing really matters love is all we need.

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Love Letters

written by owen, published 2021-Jan-06, comment

Wow, this is probably the first new year in which I dont see anything new at all except a chance to continue doing the same stuff we have been doing again and again in the hopes of getting a different result. Shifting the sand alittle. The definition of insanity. The world kept on spinning and we dug ourselves into our own individual holes from which we had internet access to mysterious numbers that just kept increasing and increasing like you are heading out to space with no final destination.

What a ride and what a ride it will be. My favorite songs from the last year has been the shortest it has ever been. Everything just seemed boring so much so that I found myself listening to songs that came out in 2011 for the lack of anything better. Even as I write this I reaching for scraps in the tall grass of nonsense.

I took a bunch of pictures last year. Probably too much, I still have a bunch to post because there is not enough time in the day or hard drive space to post them all. I hope everyone is doing well or at least getting by in this catch-22 era of analysis paralysis via psychological manipulation. All you can do is hope that your pictures dont come out blurry.

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The Look

written by owen, published 2020-Dec-19, comment

Last week I discovered that you cannot tie a banana tree to the fence to prevent it from toppling over from strong winds.  It appears that you just have to let it fall or koch it with a stick (I had no sticks).  Tying it restricts the circulation in its trunk preventing it from growing thicker, taller and also preventing the fruit from becoming bigger.  Also it seems that they all share the same root structure which causes other problems. 

People have a compelling need to defend their favourite product as if any negative comment about it is a personal attack on them and their supply of cocaine.  Often only admitting that the thing they like is not-perfect when a new one comes out or when the tide has shifted.  At which point the cycle repeats. Its crazy on the internet, politics and religion etc. Either we want a group hug over this thing or we gather people to help throw stones on this other thing. Tribalism is the new order.

I need to focus on publishing the photos I have in my folder because I have been letting them bake for too long and I am taking new pictures at a rate which has never before been seen.  I cant even pick the ones I need to print because I am still sorting through a previous set.  I will have to be more selective on what pictures I keep so my sd card doesn't fill up in one month.

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Live for the summer

written by owen, published 2020-Nov-20, comment

Its been raining for a couple weeks now.  When its not raining the sky is overcast like some kind of alien invasion.  Not a good mix of situations for going outside.  Getting "wetup" is not high on my list of things to do in these times when catching a bad flu might send you into COVID isolation.  Plus one has to be extra careful on the roads because of the potholes, landslides, general chaos that water brings to small island infrastructure.  Coming off the hot-hot summer to present day torrential rains is something that feels new every time it happens.

I have been taking a bunch of photos recently - before the rain started - mostly all in black and white.  And I am here to report that RAW photos are huge.  I do like the extra quality in the new camera brings but as I said before the files are huge.  Added to that there are all these settings that I need to worry about before I start taking pictures.  But as biggy would say "mo money mo problems".

If I have to sign up for your virtual thing I am simply not going to bother.  If there is anything that annoys me is signing up for lists that may magically become subscriptions in the future.  I might be transfering my physical world meeting habits into virtual meeting where I would never sign a guestbook unless it was hard-linked to the free food.  I like lists for "one-off" things that I am interested in and that I may want to use in the future.  But I do not want to marry the products and services that I use.  I know this has become the new norm for some people but fts.

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