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written by owen, published 2021-Jul-17, comment

The older I get the more I am aware of the bounds of the forest in which I live. The monkeys in the tree.  It is like a freshly cleaned window: everything is visible without distraction including the frame and the coating used to prevent the water from splashing in through the sides.  It is an amazing feeling while dreadful at the same time.  Nothing is free.  Time or money or both is the fuel that drives everything.  Chaos and potential.  Knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

You only have one life to live and so it is important that you make use of the time to not only improve your own life but the life of others around you.  Even if this improvement is only a small step in a new direction.  Because if you look into it everything has already been done.  We are wearing our parents' clothes with different tags.  Moving from suit to suit basking in the ignorance of not looking at the path that is laid before us.

Whenever I fill up my camera I try to print a few of the pictures at the cheapest size available so that I can have some physical record of what I did with this expensive tool that I bought last year.  Instagram is a waste of time.  I am not sure if I should create a photo wall or something but for right now I have them in envelopes that I show to my co-workers.  Some day I will take a really good picture that I can print big.

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written by owen, published 2021-Jun-26, comment

Whenever, wherever you are in life, whatever you are doing - you always need to be vigilant and conscious of your progress.  Always remember that some things are out of your control, hell is other people and some things require a course correction. Direction is very important, you need to be heading towards something even if you are not sure what it really is.

One of the biggest problems with the current civilized society is that responsibility is being shifted from the corporations/government to individuals who will suffer and die alone if they mess up.  So if you are a part of a movement - any movement, social or otherwise - you have to ask yourself is this movement a comfort blanket or am I a part of a Desert Storm.

I have been curating my social media feeds as more people get accustomed to standing on the virtual social media corner waiting for something to happen.  I for one am in possession of too many hobbies to have my time wasted by laymen on social media.  Or worse yet professional time wasters on mass media.  If in a moment of weakness I take my time to reply to your dumb tweet than has zero replies and I do not get a response within 24 hours.  I will unfollow you with a quickness.  Not enough time, not enough money.

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Deixa Eu Dizer

written by owen, published 2021-Jun-09, comment

People will easily get lost in the things they do not know.  Roll around in it like puppies in tall grass while subconsciously feeling the eyes of their mother at a safe distance.  Comfort in the fact that someone-somewhere knows what they are doing.  I for one do not think that most people actually know or care about anything at all.  Living their lives with blinders on hoping that a good 10 season mini-series drops on streaming - or at least a bearable movie. What can we do? soldier on brothers.

I still have a lot of programming to do and photos to print.  Moving the website did not help in the grand goal of reducing the amount of stuff I have to do.  Projects need to be updated and old things need to be set on a corrected course so that they keep working in a sea of reckless abandon.  The only light at the end of the tunnel is that most of the modern web is copy pasted micro service trash. it takes them so long to make anything that they just give up and wait for the new/simpler version to come out.

I keep digging through old tweets to see if I can find anything to post in my logbook which is a clear sign that I am wasting my creative energy on the social feed.  I must correct this.  fyi: replacing physical toys with a touch screens is only going to create kids with poor depth perception, poor hand eye coordination and burnt out retinas. Not programmers or rocket scientists. bad eyesight is not the way to start a career in tech future.

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written by owen, published 2021-May-21, comment

There is absolutely nothing you can do about time.  Things must start, things must stop, things must continue barreling towards that inevitable other thing that it is heading towards.  The arrow of time.  You have to do something.  Nothing can solve the problem that you think this other thing will solve.  Just a carrot that you are given to chase.

Some days I am fully up to date on my picture posting and other times I find that I have pictures in my backlog from 4 months ago that I still have not cataloged or uploaded. Writing text on twitter seems to be sapping my blogging potential. I just realised this after copying a tweet into a blog post. I'm gonna have to do something about this.

I think young people had a great time in 2020. The whole "2020 was bad" thing is being spread by older people constantly playing the "lets wait and see" card - creating new and elaborate explanations for previous missed hurdles. Either way If I take the time to reply to a tweet that you post that has zero likes/replies and you dont reply back I will think of it as the highest disrespect and will unfollow you with a quickness.  I am sorry.  Not sorry,

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Drone Dem

written by owen, published 2021-Apr-23, comment

I have not written a new post in over a month. Maybe its writer's block or I am getting old or my new camera. I have been busy with a few side projects and have also been avoiding other more important stuff. But I am still here like a good MJ song. Its not like I have not had words in thought but the words have not made it to the keyboard. I will not promise anything but I will try to get at your support ticket before the next lock down. I order bourbon everywhere I go now.

I have probably replaced writing with black and white pictures on instagram. Not much to write about either way because everything is cancel culture and hype nowadays. I saw someone like you that I used to know implode because of all the troubles in the world and got relief through some kind of external medication. Ask me if I think people are crazy. No one answers questions anymore because no one knows. Not much else to do. Only a couple weeks before my birthday. Managed to convince my party loving other half to not give me a bd party so instead we are driving across the country. I feel like I have lived 2 lives.

Everything is easier in a panorama but I can imagine how everyone else feeling. I live for interesting times like this. Apocalypse. But people watching is no fun when everyone is clueless, paranoid and chasing their own tails ALL THE TIME because they have no handle on reality. All I can say is I wish you all the best and eventually everyone will see the light. Or they just move on to the next story in the feed.

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