Black Velveteen

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written by owen on 2021-Jan-26.

I went to visit my mom on the weekend. Listened to her while she complained about her increasing knee pain. This is a woman that likes to walk about all the time. I picked some lemons from the back yard. Afterwards I drove down to the most beautiful beach I had seen in ages. I walked about a mile in one direction then I remembered I had a long drive back home in the dark. I took some pictures but the pictures do not do the place justice at all.

This has been an interesting year so far interns of it being a continuation of the last year of nonsense and politics. The business of hate has gone up 10 fold because its just easier to sell. And of course technology with save us with tablets and apps. lol. But what can you do? Only time will tell.

I current have a bunch of code that I need to write in order to update this website and a few other projects that I have lingering about on my desktop and in my inbox. So many projects I am sure I am forgetting some of them. But either way I am chipping at them slowly because why rush? Nothing really matters love is all we need.

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