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written by owen on 2021-Jan-06.

Wow, this is probably the first new year in which I dont see anything new at all except a chance to continue doing the same stuff we have been doing again and again in the hopes of getting a different result. Shifting the sand alittle. The definition of insanity. The world kept on spinning and we dug ourselves into our own individual holes from which we had internet access to mysterious numbers that just kept increasing and increasing like you are heading out to space with no final destination.

What a ride and what a ride it will be. My favorite songs from the last year has been the shortest it has ever been. Everything just seemed boring so much so that I found myself listening to songs that came out in 2011 for the lack of anything better. Even as I write this I reaching for scraps in the tall grass of nonsense.

I took a bunch of pictures last year. Probably too much, I still have a bunch to post because there is not enough time in the day or hard drive space to post them all. I hope everyone is doing well or at least getting by in this catch-22 era of analysis paralysis via psychological manipulation. All you can do is hope that your pictures dont come out blurry.

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