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written by owen on 2021-Feb-08.

It has been a weird year so far. I am not even sure what people are currently hating on at the moment. The great divide in opinions is growing and motivational speakers have no changed to meet the grow precipice that is public opinion. People have pretty much given up on objectivity and resolved to basically repeating wishes in the hope that it will come through. Except everything just gets worse and more distorted because they have no control.

I would not be suprised that many people's only social interactions in this pandemic is social media. And the lack of objective opinions is leaving a sort of skewed perspective as to what the actual real world is like outside. I could not even come up with a proper title for this post because things have been so out of wack with everyone playing follow the leader.

I try not to betray my former self. Where would I be if I had not done the things I had done? Avoided all the things I had avoided? What is life but a series of roads not crossed? Times wasted? Laughs shared? As we plow through space we forget the things we need to forget and remember the things we want to forget. we end up at a point with no other option but to move forward. Our fates are governed by the choices we make.

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