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gal no uptodate wi deport dem

written by owen, published 2004-Jan-15, comment

I being trying to thing up some new content (again). Especially for people who are hip on todays local culture, looking for porn or listen to dancehall music.
I've been informed that my website is too geek. While I was really going for the simple look - which it seems I have achieved. If you don't this this site is simple and easy to understand then your just crazy fool.
AS for new content I'm planning to have a wheels section with pictures of really expensive cars and shit. Plus random pictures of people I see in the local morgue or dance.
As my nephew was kind enough to inform me - di site need hype

in other news

Dancehall artist beenie man crashes his h20 hummer in early morning drive. full story

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Kash commented: Well beenie man a my DJ still from like long time, but mi nuh feel so sorry fi him. Afta him come pon BET a twang bout him crib an a him same one love big up jamaica him shoulda represent him true language and self. Mi sure seh if him a call him son him nah go seh "come here to your father little son" him woulda bless him wid claat long from ya so to spanish town road. Bigga newz, mi did deh a Hot Monday last week an see him roll in, in the same humma werh him spin ova. Mi nuh bad mine him at all. Hush ya bredren. ... read 1 more

boble snogle

written by owen, published 2004-Jan-13, comment

I noticed I'm getting alot of these dumb "home work" questions. I can't believe that people actually type "I want to ask a question" in boble!
Most people would like having hundreds of random hits but it isn't really fun anymore.
Even though I get the occassional stupid question and hate mail. What good is if I don't get comments? I guess it the gradual progression of websites. first it's the whole design, concept, boble love, user interaction and then finally to get a couple hundreds smart people to join your site.
boble tends to have random unpredictable results at times. Usually it works just fine.
I guess all I need is a little time, to get behind the sun and catch this wave.

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matthew commented: i want to ask a question ... read 2 more

2003 year in review

written by owen, published 2004-Jan-09, comment

Writing a review for a whole year is most likely impossible or a complete waste of time. Plus if you have to read a review for an entire year then chances are you have wasted a whole year and you are about to waste another year catching up on a year that has already passed you by - slacker. This observation might change next year at which point I will have to write another review.
The was the whole iraq issue. One thing lead to another and people started to die. The new york blackout, 50cent, bush, kobebryant and reality tv shows everywhere.
The important thing is that we learn from the good things we did last year and stop player hating people. ok

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happy holidays

written by owen, published 2003-Dec-17, comment

We had a house party on friday, well actually they had a house party and it happen to be at my house. Surprisingly only one causality who had to be brought home because she had a little too much to drink and a little too little to eat. Nobody was killed and nothing was stolen (yet to be discovered). On the menu were a couple cases of ice, 20 2 liter bottles of soda, chicken, rice and peas. Complete with a sound system banging out the latest dancehall music such as sean paul, elephant man, kartel, etc. It was quiet impossible to sleep during this altercation so I just sorta stood around, watched everybody and drank a liter of caffeinated soda. I didn't know anybody, wasn't much of a dancer, drinker or mingler so I slept through some of it. When the sleep failed I stood around trying to look as less of a nerd than usual.
Well if you don't see me - happy holidays to all. if I find a computer I'll post something next week - if not then it'll be the other week. Eat and avoid killing other people as much as possible. If push comes to shove - shoot in the legs as many times as necessary.
I have some new sections planned for 2k4. In the mean time I like to wish all readers and everybody else a happy whatever you celebrating time.

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shade commented: yaya, happy everything owen! ... read more

movies women and banktellers

written by owen, published 2003-Dec-08, comment

Did you ever notice how some of the hottest women always work in banks? What do they do all day? Count money? Probably, but I can never tell.
I have realised that I have been spending enormous amount of my time on my computer, playing video games, watching reality shows or sleeping. Which leads me to question why I'm not out in the world, complaining about something, burning cds, buying autoparts, gifts, going on dates with as many women as possible or getting into ridiculous amount of debt.
I have been watching the IFC since recently. Independent films have a way of having weird unexpected endings. Unlike main stream movies, which are in fact crap and exist only for the entertainment of the masses. The masses whom which would riot if not meaningfully occupied. The ma-trix was not a bad movie - really it wasn't. Sleep walk, Crush, Girlfight, the samurai movies from 1962 are good too.
So what have I learned this week? Never hit on the women that work in your bank - no matter how cute they are. Off-season hurricanes may produce a little rain but they don't do didly much else. It is humanly impossible to beat some of the missions in in fzero-GX. New banktellers will most likely get you into trouble, especially if you are "suspicious looking".        Maybe I should get a hair cut. Life without snow is good.

in other news

mike might still need $5.95

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shade commented: heh, your lifestyle sounds a lot like mine. i need a job. i alos need a haircut. i can put my fringe in my mouth now. life without snow is good. why is it that (seemingly) ninety five percent of webloggers have their seasons around the WRONG way. damn it's hot ... read 21 more