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I do not speeck spanish

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-17, comment

You meet the oddest people in public transportation. Often comment on the name name of my website owensoft; it's not a cool name - I know! Surely it doesn't get me any hot chicks screaming at my door. The name is mostly work related. If you didn't realise I write computer software and alot of it too - maybe too much.
Usually everybody you meet imparts some amount of information, for no apparent reason. I prefer to let forever be.

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shade commented: the name 'owensoft' is cool, i thought... ... read 1 more

it is 2300 why are you still awake?

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-11, comment

I have to get up early in the morning - good knows why. Hopefully I don't die in

transit tommorow. Return to normality is a beach. I expect to have the new colors up by monday - at least.

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geesquare01 commented: Owen you were always the last person at home to retire at nights, iys like you were the volunteer guard watching while everyone sleeps, no wonder you have a website guess that's what you do while we slept ... read 2 more

php is making me lazy

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-06, comment

Anyhow I for one spent quiet some time writing my GUI code in turbo pascal. Hours upon hours would be spent trying to achieve something as simple as making a line appear and disappear on screen. But since I started PHP the brain to code transfer speed has improved greatly. If it can't be done in 0.08 seconds it's simply not efficient.

You simply get things done faster. With Java you have all these rules you have to think about. Pointers are a part of nature, somebody has to deal with them. Everything is a string, whether you say so or not. Forcing you to do something doesn't make you write better code.

PHP has the tendancy to make you extremely lazy though. Practically all web programming is lazy code. Short cuts abound. The internet is a big short cut to the real problem with software.
Another thing about php that appeals to me is that it doesn't force you to use/learn other people's stupid coding standards to reach a new solution.

It feels like new code - That's why we code isn't it?

The updates to the website continue. Stay tuned.

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shade commented: php r0xx0rs (cos i too am lazy) ... read 13 more

turning japanese

written by owen, published 2004-Jan-28, comment

I'm almost totally tired of american media at this point. I wish I had some foriegn chinese cable. All this american media is turning me into microsoft - really it is. I also almost totally stopped watching local television. not because of the crime nor WMDs we have stashed. But mostly because school challege quiz just doesn't seem fair anymore.
I'll probably move to japan and learn japanse. They have much better mobile phone services. That is unless I get married on the 29th. Then I'll have to wait till she dies in 8 years. I've definately been watching too much television. I need to get out more. What does love have to do with it anyway?

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shade commented: love is emotion and wanderlust and feelings to deep for a song love is decision and sacrifice and without them love won't go on - pc3 anyway i don't think that has anything much to do with the post... are you intending to get married on the twenty ninth? oh the twenty ninth, that's today. oh no, it's in an hour os so for you... ... read 3 more

friday night at the arcade

written by owen, published 2004-Jan-26, comment

related pictureI skipped my usual friday night - night club / code fest / church for a trip to the arcade to see what was new. As usual nothing had changed much. No women there whatsoever. On a rare occasion there would be a new machine to waste your money on or player who has found a new way to cheat the crowd.
As I could only play one game and didn't I much respect for the like of street fighter. The arcade was not the same without challengers. Guys who would hang out at the arcade seemingly for days with the sole purpose of kicking your ass in whatever game you played.
So far after 4 years of playing the same game over and over again, I can safely say that I'm better than 90% of the population. Some girlfriends would say it a complete waste of time but they have problems. All things considered I vaguely agree with thier point especially when I have 3 kids waiting on me at home, when I go out to the night club. Go shorty it's your birthday.

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Robert commented: Back in the 80's there was a 3D space fight/trading game called 'Elite' in which you started of as Harmles, and had to earn your status, working your way up to Dangerous, eventualy Deadly, and if you were up to the challange - Elite! Between trading like crazy to earn enought to buy weaponry for my ship, and blasting my way around the gallaxy to earn my status, this game realy eat up my time - but I got to say, it was worth it! By the way, do you ever play for money? Does anyone take bets? ... read 7 more