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Life for Rent

written by Owen, published 2004-May-24, comment

Crazy week as usual. I wore a white polo shirt (not really "polo" people just call them that) on Friday because there where taking mugshots at the local prison and they made sure that you didn't wear any dark colors for the esteemed event. I am mad causal well at lease I try to be, stopped wearing jeans altogether - I don't know why really. So for the mugshot thing I broke out of my usual kahki pants plus black/blue/red shirts. Shirts which are "Think Blue", a brand which you can't even find on google but I don't care - I have no style.
So happens that all my shirts are t-shirts and have no words/graphix/branding on them, it turns out that I look like I'm in school uniform. Don't watch me watch yu self. I like to uncomplicate things by reducing my choices that's why they invented marriage - how I came to that analogy is another story. Lacking a sense of style (an nobody to annoy me about it) I can wear the same set of clothes for months on end without becoming overly selfconsious or paranoid. I treasure these years of my life dearly. I'm habitually redundant. Those wrinkle resistant water proof khakis from Gap look neat. Functionality over design, simplicity over art.

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Why does it always rain on me

written by Owen, published 2004-May-19, comment

Since Last week I have gotten a total of 5 e-mails and some 400 plus other bulk spam pimiping "enhancer" products or a way to make free money. Obviously they know that I need to make money. Where is everybody? Have I been simultaneously deleted from everybody's address book? Has email suddenly become UNCOOL?
So I have sent out a this message to everybody on my mailing list. All twenty plus, women and children alike whom likely have fallen mysteriously off-line or have de-evolved into the stone age of pen on paper. Some people out there have managed to get themselves some real responsibility but I am not talking that. No - I'm talking about email - EMAIL. YOU KNOW LIKE A LETTER BUT WITHOUT STAMPS, ON THE COMPUTER? chain letters, shots of porn stars? stupid quizzes? useless factiods? Disturbing pictures found at the furthest depths of the internet? people? what appen? what a gwaan? como esta?
An you have to other set of people on msn and yahoo who simply never-ever-ever-eva log on. So I use msn now.
Clearly you people are busy or not?

ps: you might think that I sending this only to you but I'm not, really I'm not.

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sheets with stars

written by owen, published 2004-May-09, comment

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Watched kill bill v1 on saturday. Great film - a bit simple in story but that is not considered a bad thing, especially here. I decided to watch it before volume 2 came out and no it hasn't been released in jamaica as yet. Not worried, it will be released eventually (currently playing The run Down). My island nation aint backward or anything some people just keep watching the same movie over and over again - I don't know why. Alot of girlfriends maybe. I watch most of my movies on cable, not because it's cheaper but because it's movie per dollar ratio is higher. Plus I watch alot of tv.
I have been thinking up some new and interesting projects to develop and put up on the website, not necessarily self promotional crap but interactive stuff for people to mess around with and break. I was thinking about something with pictures similar to a mosaic (well exactly like) where people would add and arrange pictures until it looked like something - art maybe but totally haphazard. I could not think up a simple interface for it not yet at least.
I took down the news section and added an RSS feed for the internet savvy people among us.
I watch my share of blood movies. Watched Scarface on wednesday night well I didn't finish watching it but I got the gist of it and now I finally get the whole point of Grand Theft Auto Vice City (besides the car stealing and killings). The world my friend - the world! On this thought I came up with a new question: say if you were a ninja/viking or some other kind of moral warrior : What is your weapon of choice?

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Live and let die

written by owen, published 2004-May-02, comment

People have different television watching habits, everyone has them especially those annoying little comercials you simply MUST watch each and everytime it comes on. The new music video that you wait for every morning before you head out to where ever you going, then one day you realise that you are the only person in the whole world who still likes that video just before it totally stops showing on tv and playing on the radio. You Learn.
You have watched the movie before but you HAVE to see this part again because it was so cool the first time you saw it - really. Just a half and hour more please? Let forever be. Watching old reruns of shows you missed or old programs YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING but incidentally you were watching some other old show instead of keeping up to date on what was new. I treat my music the same way. There are enough old CDs available to last me a lifetime.
Channel scanning is another annoying habit people like to do, especially when they do it in the hope of finding something good to watch - trust me it's all it your head - there is NEVER anything good going on that channel - tape it or buy the DVD.
other news: added a new photo section traveling without moving

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owen commented: I know - it all comes from the constant search for something better to watch. the trick is to try to remember what you where watching last week at that particular time. once you figure this out yourly have no problem. ... read 4 more

Rule the world

written by owen, published 2004-Apr-23, comment

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Nine twelve, left exactly a week later, not because I wanted to hijack a plane as soon as it was legal to fly but because that was when my flight was scheduled. I would have stayed for the winter, for the women but I have a tropical personality.
It was already rediculously cold, finished FFIX, didn't have cable and so the events that onfolded were the only programming I (or anybody else) could watch. It so happened that all the local chanels were on the north except ABC and another spanish channel. Both had all week continuous coverage. And I was watching every second of it. Not a good way to end your summer vacation.
I simply hate when significant historical events happen, especially in my life time. In a hundred years from today, the news headline will be "20th century sucks big time" or "britney clone half price special end-of-century offer, one per household, must have 4.0 GPA or better" .

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MaThIbUs commented: <cite>In a hundred years from today, the news headline will be "20th century sucks big time" or "britney clone half price special end-of-century offer, one per household, must have 4.0 GPA or better".</cite> LOL! But the scary part is: you might just be right... ... read more