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written by Owen on 2004-May-24.

Crazy week as usual. I wore a white polo shirt (not really "polo" people just call them that) on Friday because there where taking mugshots at the local prison and they made sure that you didn't wear any dark colors for the esteemed event. I am mad causal well at lease I try to be, stopped wearing jeans altogether - I don't know why really. So for the mugshot thing I broke out of my usual kahki pants plus black/blue/red shirts. Shirts which are "Think Blue", a brand which you can't even find on google but I don't care - I have no style.
So happens that all my shirts are t-shirts and have no words/graphix/branding on them, it turns out that I look like I'm in school uniform. Don't watch me watch yu self. I like to uncomplicate things by reducing my choices that's why they invented marriage - how I came to that analogy is another story. Lacking a sense of style (an nobody to annoy me about it) I can wear the same set of clothes for months on end without becoming overly selfconsious or paranoid. I treasure these years of my life dearly. I'm habitually redundant. Those wrinkle resistant water proof khakis from Gap look neat. Functionality over design, simplicity over art.

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  1. as long as you wash them some time durng those months...

    by shade 2004-May-24 

  2. BION I'm ipmrsesed! Cool post!

    by Dora 2012-Jan-10 



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