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written by owen on 2004-May-02.

People have different television watching habits, everyone has them especially those annoying little comercials you simply MUST watch each and everytime it comes on. The new music video that you wait for every morning before you head out to where ever you going, then one day you realise that you are the only person in the whole world who still likes that video just before it totally stops showing on tv and playing on the radio. You Learn.
You have watched the movie before but you HAVE to see this part again because it was so cool the first time you saw it - really. Just a half and hour more please? Let forever be. Watching old reruns of shows you missed or old programs YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING but incidentally you were watching some other old show instead of keeping up to date on what was new. I treat my music the same way. There are enough old CDs available to last me a lifetime.
Channel scanning is another annoying habit people like to do, especially when they do it in the hope of finding something good to watch - trust me it's all it your head - there is NEVER anything good going on that channel - tape it or buy the DVD.
other news: added a new photo section traveling without moving

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  1. I channel scan too much. I don't know why really. ":\

    by Faith 2004-May-07 

  2. I know - it all comes from the constant search for something better to watch. the trick is to try to remember what you where watching last week at that particular time. once you figure this out yourly have no problem.

    by owen 2004-May-07 

  3. except if your tv watching habit is not watching alot of tv so last week at the same time, you weren't watching anything cuz you were doing something else...

    by Lily 2004-May-08 

  4. Hi...nice to meet you
    Greeting from Singapore...

    by Samuel 2004-May-08 

  5. greetings.
    then I guess the questions you should be asking is why are you watching tv now? but I guess this post wouldn't apply to those people.

    by owen 2004-May-08