php is making me lazy

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written by owen on 2004-Feb-06.

Anyhow I for one spent quiet some time writing my GUI code in turbo pascal. Hours upon hours would be spent trying to achieve something as simple as making a line appear and disappear on screen. But since I started PHP the brain to code transfer speed has improved greatly. If it can't be done in 0.08 seconds it's simply not efficient.

You simply get things done faster. With Java you have all these rules you have to think about. Pointers are a part of nature, somebody has to deal with them. Everything is a string, whether you say so or not. Forcing you to do something doesn't make you write better code.

PHP has the tendancy to make you extremely lazy though. Practically all web programming is lazy code. Short cuts abound. The internet is a big short cut to the real problem with software.
Another thing about php that appeals to me is that it doesn't force you to use/learn other people's stupid coding standards to reach a new solution.

It feels like new code - That's why we code isn't it?

The updates to the website continue. Stay tuned.

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  1. php r0xx0rs (cos i too am lazy)

    by shade 2004-Feb-07 

  2. When will the updating be finished??

    by MiTcHiE 2004-Feb-08 

  3. it will be finished when it's finished - if it gets finished.

    by owen 2004-Feb-09