friday night at the arcade

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written by owen on 2004-Jan-26.

related pictureI skipped my usual friday night - night club / code fest / church for a trip to the arcade to see what was new. As usual nothing had changed much. No women there whatsoever. On a rare occasion there would be a new machine to waste your money on or player who has found a new way to cheat the crowd.
As I could only play one game and didn't I much respect for the like of street fighter. The arcade was not the same without challengers. Guys who would hang out at the arcade seemingly for days with the sole purpose of kicking your ass in whatever game you played.
So far after 4 years of playing the same game over and over again, I can safely say that I'm better than 90% of the population. Some girlfriends would say it a complete waste of time but they have problems. All things considered I vaguely agree with thier point especially when I have 3 kids waiting on me at home, when I go out to the night club. Go shorty it's your birthday.

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  1. Back in the 80's there was a 3D space fight/trading game called 'Elite' in which you started of as Harmles, and had to earn your status, working your way up to Dangerous, eventualy Deadly, and if you were up to the challange - Elite!

    Between trading like crazy to earn enought to buy weaponry for my ship, and blasting my way around the gallaxy to earn my status, this game realy eat up my time - but I got to say, it was worth it!

    By the way, do you ever play for money? Does anyone take bets?

    by Robert 2004-Jan-27 

  2. I haven't seen anyone take any bets. It most cases you where either better than everybody else or you were the worst player there. Either way most didn't even have enough money to buy tokens.

    by owen 2004-Jan-28 

  3. I am sorry we do not need to no about the game u played in the 80's we are in the 21st century now mate. x x x x

    by Saz 2004-Jun-10 

  4. what three (3) kids Owen?

    by geesquare01 2008-Jul-25