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written by owen on 2004-Jan-13.

I noticed I'm getting alot of these dumb "home work" questions. I can't believe that people actually type "I want to ask a question" in boble!
Most people would like having hundreds of random hits but it isn't really fun anymore.
Even though I get the occassional stupid question and hate mail. What good is if I don't get comments? I guess it the gradual progression of websites. first it's the whole design, concept, boble love, user interaction and then finally to get a couple hundreds smart people to join your site.
boble tends to have random unpredictable results at times. Usually it works just fine.
I guess all I need is a little time, to get behind the sun and catch this wave.

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  1. i want to ask a question

    by matthew 2004-Jan-14 

  2. Well owen, i just have to point it out if you spell Gogle wrong chances are, you wont get any hits!
    Just pointing that out still...

    by Kash 2004-Jan-20 

  3. don't knock owen's spelling. it makes reading his musings so much more entertaining!

    by shade 2004-Jan-27