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written by owen on 2003-Nov-18.

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I often avoid being in a state of getting boredom. Usually I always find a way to kill time. Such is not the case at present. Idle time tends to make me usually paranoid and confused. More that usual idleness tends to occur on occasions when I have nothing important to do or project to complete. Readng doesn't help either, in fact it sucks.
I new to buy some stuff too, maybe a digital camera. After I song my organiser I have become increasingly disorganised, turpid even. I have been writing are code recently , which usually would have helped.
Being busy has it's own set backs but this is most definately not an ideal situation to be in, especially with the stuff that is happening in iraq. Although I can imagine that yesterday was exactly - well maybe basically the same as today, tommorrow and last week thursday. Except for last week I had far few blank entries in my log and no scratches on my integra.
An sorry, I won't be able to attend the LAN party on saturday because my Dell machine + 17" CRT monitor is far too heavy for me to be caring anywhere more than a few kilometers from my house. As much I would like to hang with the crew.

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  1. i'm also thinking i might buy myself a digital camera

    can't you put your crt monitor in a car to transport it places?

    by shade 2003-Nov-19 

  2. I would move if I was afriad it would fall and break into a million pieces. :/

    by owen 2003-Nov-20